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Epilay Protectite Superior Synthetic Underlayment 4' x 250' Roll (1,000 Sq. Ft.) | Roofing Direct
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Epilay Protectite Ultra Synthetic Underlayment 4' x 250' Roll (1,000 Sq. Ft.) | Roofing Direct
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More About Roofing Underlayment is pleased to offer high quality roofing underlayment to suit a wide variety of needs. From eave and valley protectors to peel and stick, has the perfect roofing underlayment to help you protect your home from heat and moisture.

What is Roof Underlayment and What Does it Do?

Roof underlayment can be made out of a variety of different materials depending on its core function, but its overall purpose is to protect your home from UV rays, rain, and snow. Here's a quick list of the most commonly used roofing underlayment and what their individual functions are.
  • Synthetic: Most common, all-around underlayment that is resistant to water and UV rays; works best with metal, shake, and shingle roofs
  • Peel and Stick: Typically used as an ice and water guard at the roof edge and valleys; best used with metal, shake, concrete tiles, and asphalt shingles
  • Granular: Self-adhesive reinforced fiberglass mat that features a skid-resistant granular surface; can be applied directly to concrete, gypsum, insulation board, and plywood
  • Metal And Tile: Designed for use under metal, tile, shingle, and slate roofs; can withstand temperatures up to 265 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Felt: An additional layer of protection that is installed beneath the shingles as a backup waterproof membrane
In short, roofing underlayment can be thought of as the last barrier between your family and the elements. Using the right materials now can save thousands through future roof repairs and replacements.

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