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More About Roofing Screws

Shop roofing screws here! This is the place to view our excellent variety of quality roofing screws for your next professional roofing job or home DIY weekend project. Our roofing screws are second to none and are backed by our amazing customer service, warranty, and shipping options that will leave you happy that you went with Roofing Direct for your purchase as opposed to a big box store. Our roofing screws aka roofing fasteners or tile fasteners are specialized screws that help you secure different types of roofing materials to the roof platform below. Those materials include (but are not necessarily limited to) composite tile, ceramic tile, metal sheeting and the like, and pressure treated lumber. We have a great selection of screws to fit any type of job or material that you are working with.

Features + Benefits

  • Heavy duty and corrosion resistant
  • Recommended for securing composite roof tile
  • Easily penetrate wood, steel and composite materials
  • Fast driving
  • Resistant to stripping
  • Seat flush every time
  • Used indoor and outdoor
  • Most of our screws don’t require pre-drilling
  • Self drilling, faster start time
Tile Roofing Screws These are a long lasting and super easy to work with option for when you are fastening composite roof tiles to the roof deck. Featuring a high-low thread configuration that allows for the user to quickly and easily penetrate both steel, wood, and composite materials. #10 Hi-Lo Screws Hi-Lo screws offer a small and sturdy type 17 point that makes them laser fast for drilling (and accurate too!). These are especially made to fasten metal roofing materials to wood roof decks. They have incredible holding power and can make your next job or project go more quickly and easily. Long lasting as well so you don’t have to worry as much about maintenance and replacing before you have to replace your roof. FrameGrip Screws Fantastic lag-screw alternative. That will save you valuable time and money right off the bat. These screws require no pre-drilling and are versatile enough for indoor and outdoor applications. The unique design of their U thread technology means that you get added space between units and increases draw strength and ensures a lower risk of your wood splitting. MetalGrip Self Drilling Screws Do you have to fasten a metal roof to a metal deck? Then look no further than Levi’s MetalGrip Self Drilling Screws for your next project. These can easily and safely secure metal purlins up to .210 thickness so that your next job goes quickly and easily. They blend well to a wide variety of finishes which makes them a great option for a wide variety of applications. Zip Screws Our Midwest Industries Zip Screws are perfect for your next project. They are zinc plated steel and are perfect for just about any job. The seat flush and some packs come with a complimentary hex bit so you can get right to work without having to take time to search for the right bit. Option of painted white or unpainted to match the finish you are working with.

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If you are not finding what you need for your project, please contact us. Our team has decades of experience and will be able to help you find the right solution. Buy from today! Why buy from us, you may ask? Some of the perks our customers enjoy include:
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  • Great service. is made up of a dedicated team of professionals who take pride in what they do.
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Why buy from us, you may ask? Some of the perks our customers enjoy include:

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