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Roof Ventilation can be confusing and in a lot of cases is not handled properly. We understand that it may seem strange to add insulation to your attic, then intake vents and exhaust vents to let air in and out of the attic space. This is a mandatory combination in order to achieve efficient attic or roof ventilation. Please keep in mind that adequate insulation and air sealing is necessary but never block the eave and/or intake vents.

During the colder months you must allow the cool outside air to enter the attic. The goal is to keep it cold and reduce the risk of ice damming. It is also wise to check the attic insulation and air sealing in order to prevent heat and moisture making its way into the attic from the conditioned space below. During the warmer months, you want the attic to have adequate air flow as well. This will help keep the attic temperature down, reduce the load on your cooling system and extend the life of the roof.

RoofingDirect.com offers a wide range of  high quality Roof Vents. These products include; intake vents, exhaust vents, off-ridge vents, ridge vents and rolled ridge vents.  We also offer a line of  architectural copper vents.  Check out our ventilation products and let us know if you have any questions.

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