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Valley Flashing is an important component to your roofs flashing system.  It protects the critical area of the roof where two slopes come together to form a valley. When properly installed, this flashing will effectively direct the water run-off down the roof and into the gutters.

Closed valleys aren’t required to have metal flashing installed, but it is recommended that they have an additional underlayment lining. This could be a layer rolled metal flashing, peel and stick underlayment or other comparable product. You can typically see if this has been installed by looking carefully at the bottom edge of the valley.

Prior to installing this product, make sure you clean the valley from dirt and debris.  It is also recommended that you lay down some peel and stick roofing membrane under the flashing. As you install the valley flashing, take your first piece all the way to the roofs ridge, then install them over-lapping (top over bottom), from the top of the roof to bottom, until you get to the end. On the bottom section, cut along the drip edge to make sure water is diverted into the gutter system.

RoofingDirect.com offers a few different types of Valley Flashing made from heavy gauge steel and solid copper.  Our team has decades of industry experience and work very closely with a one of the best flashing manufactures in the business.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

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