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Welcome to our metal flashing top sellers area. Here you can find some of our top selling high quality metal flashing products for sale. Use this page as a handy guide when browsing for these items to see what other people have been buying the most from us. 

Metal Flashing Product Information

Metal flashing is typically a thin metal sheet, usually very weather resistant and corrosion resistant, that is applied to different sections of a home’s roof that help to protect the underlying wood from water damage and exposure to the elements. Flashing is most often placed at the junctions where two parts of the roof are joined in order to prevent water from seeping into the seams, for example flashing would be put all around a chimney or air vent that protrudes from the roof structure to keep water from dripping down the sides of the fixture and into the gaps between it and the rest of the roof. There is also drip edge flashing which has the same purpose but is typically found and placed around the edges of the roof near the gutters to help guide water directly into the gutter instead of down the side of the home’s exterior. 

Custom Metal Flashing Manufactured Upon Request. Learn How.

Interested in purchasing a metal flashing profile not listed on our site? We can help! RoofingDirect.com has the ability to manufacture custom profiles of drip edge, edge flashing, step flashing, z-flashing, valley flashing, or any other type of metal flashing to meet your needs.

To start the process, please request a quote with the following information: flashing profile, dimensions, length, color, type of metal and total footage or quantity needed.  If you have a drawing or sketch please attach the image with your quote request as this will help our sales and production team.  Once we receive your request and all required information, our team will review and get back to you within 2 business days with a completed quote.

Features + Benefits = Why Buy From Roofing Direct

  • Custom built to meet your needs
  • Made from heavy-duty quality material
  • Fast production turnaround
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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