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Brush Man 9" Jumbo Roller Covers - 3/4" Nap (Box of 12) | Roofing Direct
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More About Roller Covers / Frames proudly offers a selection of high-quality roller covers, roller frames, and other accessories by Brush Man.

Pick the Right Roller Cover

Depending upon the type of paint you are using, you will achieve the best results by using the correct roller cover. Here is a quick summary outlining the difference between the two models offered at
  • HD Roller Cover: Designed for general interior and exterior painting applications. Comes in several different cover and nap lengths.
  • Shed-Resistant: Designed for use with flat or satin paint. Leaves a relatively finer finish.

Proper Roller Cover Aftercare

Rather than throw out those used roller covers at the end of the day, save some money and reuse them the next day by learning proper roller cover cleaning procedures.

Not every style of paint is going to clean the same way, so be sure to check the label before proceeding.

  • Latex: Submerge the roller cover(s) in a bucket of warm water. After adding a few drops of dish detergent, work the paint out of the roller cover(s), then rinse with clean water. Shake, stand, and let dry.
  • Oil: Submerge the roller cover(s) in paint thinner or mineral spirits using the minimal amount possible. Agitate and rest the roller cover(s) in the solvent for 5 minutes before removing the cover(s) and working the excess paint back into the submersion container. Pour this used solution into a bottle and set aside, then rinse the cover with clean solvent in the container. Drip excess into the container, let dry, wash the roller cover(s) in slightly soapy water, then stand up to dry.
Tip - You can save the used spirits as reclaimed solvent once the paint solids inside have settled.

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