Multi-Flue Chimney Caps

More About Multi-Flue Chimney Caps

Simply put, multi-flue caps provide protection for your entire chimney crown, and can typically be sized to fit any chimney and/or taste.

Taste, We Say? What Kind of Multi-Flue Caps Do We Have?

Depending on your needs, our multi-flue caps are available in either hinged or non-hinged models for reversible mounting options, including adhesive. Much like our single-flue caps, our multi-flue caps: Prevent water, snow, and moisture from entering the chimney. Have a mesh that prevents animals from entering your chimney. Help prevent downdrafts. If you are the discerning homeowner who enjoys copper accents, we also have copper multi-flue caps to fit most any size chimney alongside our stainless steel selection.

Regardless of whichever one that you go with, please do also note that everything that you need to install your multi-flue cap is included. The Purpose of Our Mesh Animals, such as birds, snakes, squirrels, and raccoons, are attracted to the warmth provided by the chimney, and therefore, can prove to be a hazard should they become stuck in there. Apart from keeping wildlife at bay, mesh on multi-flue caps also keeps sparks and hot embers from escaping and thus, landing on your roof.

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