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Saver Systems Anti-Creo-Soot Remover | Roofing Direct
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SaverSystems Cre-Away | Roofing Direct
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Rutland Kwik- Shot Soot Stopper Stick (Case of 36) | Roofing Direct
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More About Chimney Cleaners

Chemical fireplace cleaners have become a popular choice for homeowners looking to effectively clean their fireplaces. These specialized cleaners are designed to tackle stubborn soot and grime that accumulate on the fireplace and chimney surfaces over time. Offering convenience and efficiency, chemical fireplace cleaners often come in spray or foam form, allowing for easy application and coverage. They are formulated with powerful ingredients that effectively break down and lift away the toughest stains and residues, leaving behind a clean and fresh fireplace.

However, it is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully and take necessary safety precautions, as these cleaners contain chemicals that may cause skin or eye irritation. With regular use, chemical fireplace cleaners provide a hassle-free solution to maintain and restore the beauty of one's fireplace.

Features + Benefits Of The Rutland Kwik Shot Soot Stopper Stick And Similar Products

Rutland Kwik Shot Soot Stopper Stick is a high performer in the world of fireplace maintenance. This innovative product is designed to effortlessly remove soot and creosote buildup, allowing for a cleaner and safer chimney. The Kwik Shot Soot Stopper Stick is incredibly easy to use - simply insert it into the firebox, ignite, and let it do its magic. The stick releases powerful agents that effectively dissolve stubborn deposits, reducing the risk of chimney fires and ensuring optimal airflow. With Rutland's commitment to quality and safety, you can trust that the Kwik Shot Soot Stopper Stick is a reliable and efficient tool to keep your fireplace in pristine condition. Say goodbye to dirty chimneys and hello to a hassle-free fireplace experience with Rutland Kwik Shot Soot Stopper Stick.

Other Production Information

From glass cleaners to soot stopper sticks and powerful soot cleaners, Roofing Direct is truly the one stop shop for all of your chimney cleaning supplies online.

We have several excellent and effective glass cleaning products on offer as well. They are able to harness the raw cleaning power of citrus and other high alkalinity surfactants to cut right through all of the soot and other types of fireplace buildups that leaves your fireplace and surrounding brick or stonework looking spotless. They can even safely removes smoke and creosote stains from hearths, stoves, brick, stone, and more.

Many of our products are backed by a rock solid manufacturer’s warranty or the standard limited warranty which typically covers defects in craftsmanship or material for a period of up to 1 year after purchase. For more information, please read our full warranty section here.

If you are not finding what you need for your project, please contact us. Our team has decades of experience and will be able to help you find the right solution.

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