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Not all paint jobs are created equally, and therefore, certain paints and finishes may require a specific kind of brush. To that end, is pleased to offer a plethora of high-quality paint brushes from The Brush Man that address this.

Different Brushes and What They Do

Before investing in a box of brushes, it's important to know which types of paints and surfaces you will be working with, and what type of end result you are hoping to achieve, i.e. textured finishes. Here is a quick rundown of the various types of paint brushes that we offer as well as what they do.
  • 2" Foam Brush with Wood Peg Handle: These are designed to absorb most paints, stains, and other chemicals. Provides a smooth finish, and also comes in varying sizes.
  • Economy Brush with Polyester Fill and Plastic Ivory Handle: Does not absorb moisture, and therefore, is ideal for water and oil-based paints, shellac, varnish, and lacquers. Also available with a wooden handle.
  • Paint-Mate Brush with China Bristle Fill: This brush is designed to work with a variety of chemicals that include oil-based paints, varnishes, urethane, clear coats, and stains. Comes in a variety of sizes and quantities.

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