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Kennedy Skylights Hex Ball Adapter | Roofing Direct
Item# HBA


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Kennedy Skylights Telescoping Control Rod | Roofing Direct
Item# POLE 1


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Kennedy Fixed Self-Flashing Skylight (2" High Curb) | Roofing Direct
Item# SFG2


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Kennedy Self-Flashing Polycarbonate Skylight | Roofing Direct
Item# SF


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Kennedy Curb Mount Polycarbonate Skylight with Aluminum Ring | Roofing Direct
Item# CMA


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Kennedy Curb Mount Polycarbonate Skylight | Roofing Direct
Item# CM


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Kennedy High Impact Curb Mount Fixed Skylight (Miami-Dade Certified) | Roofing Direct


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Kennedy Vented Self-Flashing Skylight (4" High Curb) | Roofing Direct
Item# SFVG4


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More About Kennedy Skylights

Welcome to the World of Kennedy Skylights

Kennedy Skylights offers architects, builders, contractors, distributors, and roofing dealers eco-friendly building options for increasing a home’s aesthetic and intrinsic value – affordably and comfortably. High Quality and Performance in an Affordable Glass Skylight Since 1964, the Kennedy brand has been renowned for producing the highest-quality traditional skylights at an affordable price-point. Now in addition to their fine-quality LoE-240 glass and exceptionally durable polycarbonate skylights, they offer highly-versatile tubular skylights along with solar powered attic fans. All products can be used without any reliance on man made energy sources. All products are manufactured in the U.S. And all products meet the rigorous requirements of Florida Building Code standards. Kennedy Skylights: Beauty, Quality, Affordability Homeowners, with Kennedy products installed, can save money on their lighting, cooling, and repair bills while making their homes more attractive and inviting. See what separates Kennedy Skylights from the competition.

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