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About AJC:

AJC designs, patents, manufactures, and distributes original, high-quality roofing tools. Having been in business since 1948, AJC has continued to evolve into a dependable and innovative source for roofing tools. With orders typically shipping out the same day and all products covered by a lifetime warranty, AJC also provides a full range of customer service and protections.

AJC: A Legacy of Quality Roofing Tools

The original AJC Hatchet was invented by the late A.J. Crookston. A.J. started making hatchets for his own crew and eventually began selling them to other roofers as the advantages of this tool became known. Over the years, AJC has continued to design and distribute products on which roofers can rely for unsurpassed durability and craftsmanship.

AJC Mag-Hatch Magnetic Faced Roofing Hatchet: Built for rapid application of plastic roofing caps and nails, the powerful neodymium magnet for this hatchet is located on the striking face and is one of the best-selling roofing hatches on the market.

AJC Mini Magnetic Sweeper: Designed to pick up nails, screws, and other metallic debris from gutters, roofs, and other work areas. Comes with a spring-loaded handle release.

Durability and Craftsmanship: AJC Today

Still family-owned and operated, the goal at AJC will always be to design and manufacture high-quality, innovative roofing tools and magnetic sweepers.

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